It's Christmas time.

Santa Claus has to deliver presents to children all around the world, but something has happened. He's locked in a room and can't escape until he finds the key. On top of that, he is missing his clothes. Help him find all the missing pieces and leave the room.



Here's what to look for: key, knife, water spray, Santa's head, Santa's body, Santa's left and right hand, arm, leg and foot

Here's where to look: flowers, snowman, picture, shelf, vase, stocking, fireplace, armchair, fire, sofa, hat


Click here to play the game. Use the December Escape Game Forum to ask questions if you need help.



If you escape the room, write and describe where the missing thigs are.

Send it to or hand it in to me in class.


Good luck and enjoy the game!

December Escape Game Forum

Date: 17/12/2011

By: teacher Nada

Subject: December Escape Game Help

If you need help to find any of the missing things, you can ask your questions here.




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